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  • Understand what is important to you and your family 
  • Establish a list of primary financial objectives 

We Develop

  • Market research and analytics 
  • Create fully customized solution based on your family’s personal needs 

We Maintain

  • Regular meetings and on-going communication 
  • Track progress based on measurable results
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We are committed to providing you with the support you need in different Life Stages. 

how to start investing young

Getting Started

Many young investors have a unique dilemma that needs to be understood and addressed.  Your income is likely lower than it will ever be, and yet debt levels and expenses are potentially higher than they will ever be. 

For this reason, the two top priorities when getting started are education and creating good habits.  It’s important to understand the investment landscape and the different options available to you for advice. 

With more options than ever for where to get your financial advice, it can be hard to cut through the noise and determine what’s best for you and your family.  Our Financial Advisors will help make sense of your options and begin laying the foundation of your financial road map. 

Planning considerations when Getting Started may include: 

  • Start early! Understand the power of compounding 
  • Begin saving using tax-efficient investment vehicles such as TFSA and RRSP 
  • Educate yourself on how to get the most out of your employer’s pension plan (if applicable) 
  • Review short and long-term insurance needs.  From there, implement cost-effective life & health insurance solutions to protect you and your family from the unexpected 
  • Understand your employer’s group benefit coverage (if applicable) and how it can complement your individual insurance coverage 
  • Have a plan for how your family will manage time-off for parental leave 
  • Start thinking about how you will save and pay for children’s education 
  • Budgeting 
  • Debt management 
  • Net worth assessment 
  • Reviewing Wills and Power of Attorney 

“I first hired Paul in 1999 to advise me on my portfolio, and personal finance issues. Over the years, I’ve found him responsive, dependable and generous with his time as I learn more about investing. When I’ve gone through change, I’ve also appreciated his flexibility and initiative, supplementing and balancing my ideas with candid and expert opinion. Paul is a competent and trustworthy advisor. I highly recommend him!”

Karen M.

Established family

Your bank account might be larger and you may now have a better handle on managing your household finances, but with more complex household needs, comes more complex financial needs. 

Although retirement may still seem like a distant vision, planning for retirement actually begins much younger than most people think it should.  In fact, it must start early for the math to work and to realize the true effects of compouding. We believe that true balance is not just living for retirement but enjoying all stages of life.  Our Financial Advisors will help you plan for the future, while still enjoying the fruits of your hard work today. 

Planning considerations for an Established Family may include: 

  • Where do you want to be? – Define your ideal retirement 
  • Where are you now? 
  • What needs to happen to get there? 
  • Preparing for education 
  • Take advantage of “free money” by maximizing government education grants 
  • Should be reassessed for suitability and appropriateness 
  • Can be a great tool for estate planning/preservation 
  • Start thinking about long term needs 
  • Continue to pay down debt to minimize expenses prior to retiring 
  • Consider accelerating debt repayment 
  • Second property (Personal use or as investment) 
  • Travel 
  • Hobbies 
planning for retirement

“For over 12 years Paul has provided strong financial advice as I navigate my life’s journey. For both life turns and market turns, Paul takes the time to listen to my situation, expectations and risk willingness level to provide the information, advice and council in a relaxed and clear manner. I would recommend Paul to anyone looking for a professional Financial Advisor without reservation.”

Ian B.

enjoying retirement

You’ve worked hard all your working life to accumulate your retirement savings.  Now it’s time to start living off what you’ve saved.  Now that your investment objectives have shifted from accumulation to preservation, it’s important that your investment portfolio be adjusted in line with these objectives. 

Although your children may no longer be living at home, you still worry about their wellbeing and that of your grandchildren.  Our Financial Advisors will work with you to create a plan to make sure you never run out of money, while still looking out for your growing family.

Planning considerations for Enjoying Retirement may include: 

  • Adjust your investment portfolio and objectives to ensure capital preservation 
  • Develop a plan to manage your expenses and ensure you don’t outlive your money 
  • What government offered retirement benefits are available to you? (ie. CPP, OAS, GIS, etc.) 
  • What coverage do you still need? 
  • Consider coverage to help pay for additional healthcare and medical expenses 
  • Begin understanding the various tax and final expense costs to your estate 

“Paul has always provided strong professional expertise and client service whenever I have dealt with him. He is personable and has a great skill at being able to make the complicated sound easy. He constantly reviews the ever changing markets to seek the best financial approach based on his client’s particular circumstances.”

Graham H.

estate Management

A will is a good place to start, but it’s only part of the bigger picture.  An estate is everything you own or owe at the time of your death. Although there are no estate taxes in Canada, most provinces charge fees to process your will (otherwise known as probate).  These fees are generally a percentage of total assets in your estate.  Our Financial Advisors will help you and your family develop a strategy to minimize these fees and maximize what you leave behind.  

Planning considerations for Estate Management may include:  

  • Projected final expenses such as funeral, probate, tax and charitable giving 
  • Make sure wills and powers of attorney are up to date and reflect your current family dynamics 
  • Life insurance to fund these expenses 
  • Do you want to pass down inheritance or donate to charity while still living? 
retirement planning. grandchildren inheritance

“I have known Paul for over 20 years and had him manage my portfolio for 15 years. Paul understands clearly that the business he is in is about relationships. He takes the time to understand what your situation is and will only provide advice that you need at that time.”

Paul W.





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support for YOUR business

Small and medium sized business is undoubtedly the growth engine for the Canadian economy.  For most business owners, personal and corporate finances are tightly intertwined and it’s important that your financial advisor understands the correlation between the two. With extensive experience working with companies of all sizes, within various industries, our advisors will work with you to understand your business’s financial objectives regardless of which life-stage your company is in. 

Planning considerations may include: 

Starting Up

  • Financial Coaching 
    • Budgeting 
    • Cash flow management 
  • Business Continuity 
    • Consider “key-person” insurance for key individuals within the organization (founders, executives, sales reps, etc.) 
  • Securing Lending 
    • Often requires “key-person” insurance 
  • Shareholder Agreement 
    • What happens if one of the shareholders dies or is ill/injured for an extended period of time? 
    • Should be funded using life and health insurance 

As You Grow

  • Manage Retained Earnings 
    • Allocation of your company’s profits
  • Employee Benefits 
    • Group Benefits 
    • Pension plans 
    • Profit sharing 
  • Business Continuity 
    • Consider “key-person” insurance for key individuals within the organization (founders, executives, sales reps, etc.) 

Succession Planning

  • Future Ownership 
    • Will a family member assume control of the business? 
    • Will the business be sold to an outside buyer? 
  • Professional Advisor Consultation 
    • Lawyers, accountants and financial advisors need to be on the same page 
  • Retirement Income 
    • Where will your income come from in retirement? (Holding Company, share buyback, personal savings, etc.) 

Every service is tailored to your needs. Talk to one of our advisors to understand how we can help you to align your goals.

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