For the Real Investor

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” – Warren Buffet

At a time when there is simply too much information to process, there is value in creating a focused educational portal for your continual learning needs. In the world of finance, most participants engage in speculation without even realizing it while a select few actually invest and understand what they are getting involved in with their own and others hard-earned money. This program will help you be one of those few real investors.

Lesson 1 – EdgePoint Wealth Podcast: Tye’s take on 2020

Lesson 2 – Howard Marks 2021 Forecast Event (CFA Society Houston)

Lesson 3 – Embracing change and innovation in 2021 – Mark Schmehl

Lesson 4 – Capitalizing on positive change – Mark Schmehl

Lesson 5 – 1994 Lecture – Peter Lynch

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