A Special Interview With Greg Valliere

President Biden is almost a year into his term and although the temperature has lowered since the 2020 election, the storylines coming from Washington continue to impact capital markets and global economies.

In this interview, we discuss with Greg the top trending political themes and how they will shape domestic and foreign markets for investors

  • Ongoing negotiations in the U.S. Congress over proposed infrastructure and social spending bills.
  • U.S. economic environment including debt-ceiling increase, Fed tapering, interest rate increases, inflation pressures and supply chain disruptions.
  • Biden administration’s approach to regulatory policy, climate change and taxation.
  • Geopolitical dynamics with Canada and internationally.
  • The 2022 mid-term elections and implications for the 2024 Presidential election.

Greg Valliere’s professional profile can be found at:https://perspectives.agf.com/author/greg-valliere/

Length: 35:00 | Format: Video (Youtube) | Lesson: FTE-L2-1121

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