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For the Real Investor

At a time when there is simply too much information to process, there is value in creating a focused educational portal for your continual learning needs. In the world of finance, most participants engage in speculation without even realizing it while a select few actually invest and understand what they are getting involved in with their own and others hard-earned money. This program will help you be one of those few real investors.


For the Economist

In a world where there is no shortage of financial advice and expert theorists, it is always interesting to ponder the thoughts and comments of experienced professionals and economists. The true value is in those that can offer commentary that intersects intellectual theory with practical evidence. Our simple goal with this program is to challenge you to listen, digest and process macro-economic perspectives from various respected minds. You may then learn from this new and evolving knowledge with the goal of personalizing a portion of it into constructive and practical applications.

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