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Our guiding principles are built on achieving your long-term goal-based objectives, not on hopeful return-based speculation. We believe a client is best served when a consulting-based approach is applied where advice is truly independent and unbiased. 

First and foremost, we have an entrepreneurial mindset which allows us to take total ownership and responsibility. We like to think, “if it’s not their own firm, they can’t work for You First™.” 

While being consistent and disciplined, we always maintain an attitude of gratitude. We believe in acting with the utmost integrity and accountability, investing with a social, environmental and economic conscience. We love what we do and how we help people every day; our passion is helping You First™


We Listen

  • Understand what is important to you and your family
  • Establish a list of primary financial objectives 

We Develop

  • Market research and analytics 
  • Create fully customized solution based on your family’s personal needs

We Maintain

  • Regular meetings and on-going communication
  • Track progress based on measurable results
financial planning process

What LIFE stage are you in?

Getting Started

The two top priorities when getting started are education and creating good habits. It’s important to understand the investment landscape and the different options available to you for advice.

Established Family

Your bank account might be larger, and you may now have a better handle on managing your household finances, but with more complex household needs, comes more complex financial needs. 

Enjoying Retirement

Now that your investment objectives have shifted from accumulation to preservation, it’s important that your investment portfolio be adjusted in line with these objectives.

Estate Management

Although there are no estate taxes in Canada, most provinces charge fees to process your will called probate. Our Financial Advisors will help you develop a strategy to minimize these fees and maximize what you leave behind. 

What our clients say


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Through a thorough and holistic process, we help you develop a long-term strategy to meet your family’s primary financial objectives.



We utilize best-in-class, low cost portfolio managers and a wide variety of financial tools and investment vehicles to achieve your financial goals.

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We provide peace of mind that your loved ones are cared for by protecting and preserving your wealth from unexpected illness, injury or death. ​

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Either through our Family Office services or in partnership with your tax and legal professionals, we implement tax smart strategies designed to preserve your hard-earned wealth and leave a legacy for your family.​

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We work with you to envision what your ideal retirement looks like. From there we determine what needs to be done today to make your dream retirement a reality tomorrow. ​

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After years of dedicated service, there are often key decisions required regarding your hard earned pension assets. Our experienced advisors walk you through your options to ensure that you are maximizing your long term interests for you and your family.​

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Handling an estate involves many complexities that require professional assistance including but not limited to minimizing probate fees and various taxes at time of death. You are rightfully entitled to maximizing what you leave behind for your family and community.

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