Welcome to Perfect Times encore, the exclusive educational subscription portal of Perfect Timing Family Wealth.

During our first 25 years, we have worked tirelessly to establish unique and exclusive relationships in our industry. Over this time span we have been very fortunate to meet many of the best minds in the business. A common trend with such individuals is their lack of exposure in the mainstream media. This is by design. The smartest money is usually the quietest and the humblest. Excessive marketing and news headlines are designed for those seeking attention quite frankly due to their subpar ability to provide above average results. Those that truly and consistently over achieve do not seek publicity; they in fact prefer to avoid it.

The Insights section of our website continues to offer ongoing educational commentary and our Perfect Times Newsletter. We realized though that there are many of you that would enjoy and benefit from an even more enhanced educational experience.

For the most discerning investors, access to a higher level of education and knowledge is desirable; we appreciate this and are now striving to provide such. We realize this type of specialized educational platform is not for everyone and that’s ok. For that reason, access is through subscription only using our new educational portal.

Combining our proprietary access and knowledge with our obsessive desire to educate only seemed like the most natural next step. As part of a legacy in the celebration of our 25th anniversary, the time is right for the birth of encore; for the real investor.

What to expect

Your monthly subscription experience includes:

1. A secure, password protected learning environment, structured in an on demand, online program format.

2. Access to videos and podcasts directly from respected investors not readily available elsewhere.

3. Access to educational material that is not mainstream, offering different and unique perspectives.

4. Notification emails will be sent whenever new lesson material is released into the programs.

The future of encore

We honestly do not know exactly where this new venture will take us. We are confident though that the future of financial advice will be provided through an educational, on demand platform. With the launch of encore, we are setting the ground work for a unique forum for future years of advancing financial literacy in our country, something we are very passionate about.

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