how to start investing

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Investing can feel overwhelming sometimes, right? That’s why we compiled this list with ten tips to transform you into a successful investor.

  1. Start by selecting a qualified independent financial planner, preferably a referral from a trusted source. 
  2. Research professional investment managers, monitor their investment styles and learn about their personalities, with your planner’s guidance.
  3. Select planners and managers who have a vested interest in your investments and how they perform.
  4. Invest in concentrated portfolios with limited holdings
  5. Focus on businesses with strong cash flow and a consistent record of profitability
  6. Understand and diversify what your money is exposed to.
  7. Avoid making decisions based on an investment past performance.
  8. Consider carefully what commentators say who are compensated by media readership or by the size of their audience.
  9. Concentrate on what’s best for you and your family, not others. You are a unique individual, so invest that way.
  10. Review this list before making an investment decision. 

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