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Isn’t it time you got a real and unbiased second opinion?

Perhaps you have a chequing account with a big bank, and maybe even a credit card or two. But is a bank the best place to get objective investment advice? The best interest rate for your savings? Insurance products with you in mind? Is your bank the best place to finance your home? Your bank is not your only choice. Here’s why it’s important to look beyond your bank for financial solutions.

When you deal with the big banks, do you feel as if you’re not getting the whole story? You’re probably right about that.
Banks are in the business of selling their proprietary products and making money from you—rather than for you. Inherent in a bank’s approach is its own self interest. Profitability is a good thing if a business also takes care of its clients. But with the big banks, transparency and client value are the exception rather than the rule.
I hear many stories about this. Here are just two examples.

Sign here—ask no questions
A client’s bank contacted her to say con-gratulations! Her stellar credit rating qualified her to reduce the interest rate on her line of credit. She just needed to come in and sign. Luckily, she carefully read the papers over. Though no bank employee explained it, what the bank was offering was a home equity credit line. Her home was collateral and she was required to maintain a certain debt level to keep the preferred interest rate. Feeling manipulated, she walked out and refused the arrangement.

A bank hold up—in reverse
A couple needed additional financing to renovate their home. Their bank approved the loan—but only if they moved their entire investment portfolio to the bank’s advisory service. Thinking they didn’t have any other options, they signed.

You do have choices
Do you feel you’re being held up by your bank? Insist on a truly objective and independent second opinion. Whether it’s home financing, investing or insurance, your bank is far from your only choice.

What’s on your mind?

  • Do we provide referrals for mortgage options and advice?
  • Can we provide competitive high interest savings accounts or GICs?
  • Can we help with any life change that has a financial component?

Answer: YES!

Research that saves you time
Who has the time to go line-by-line comparing contracts and product features? We do. In fact, we make it our business to know the best products out there, and it’s our clients who benefit.

An objective sounding board
Independent advisors are free to offer cli-ents the best financial solutions in the market place. We’re often asked to act as a sounding board and second opinion, especially as clients work through major financial decisions. This is what we do.

More than investments
Are you ready to look beyond your bank? Would you like an objective, unbiased opinion to support your next move? We offer personal service and experience that can grow with you. Call us with your questions on:

  • Investments
  • Insurance
  • Mortgage options
  • Estate planning

Time for a detailed financial review? Get your New Year (financial) plan in order before the holiday and tax season rush. We’d be delighted to help you make your resolutions a reality.

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